QRedentializing YOUR Credibility


Every "SAFETY & HEALTH" and every"TRADE SKILL" credential is scrutinized and accredited using a 3rd-party, patent-pending process.

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Every Member gets a unique QR-Code and database to prove credibility for the task at hand...


QRedentials manages your entire, renewal process, training specialists, storage and retrieval of unlimited credentials, and credible tools for your Customers!

Quirky Terms and Fun Facts


This wacky QRlanguage might get distractedly fun or even confusing to some, but fear not; the following glossary will perfect your QRedentialeze! 

​​Corroborator (kuh-rob-uh-reyt-or; verb kuh-rob-uh-reyt) noun - One who corroborates, or verifies something; one who lends credence by upholding another's story. Your QRedentialiers corroborate with the very best Instructional Organizations in your industry proving credibility of your credentials every time you upload those important documents!  (think "Verifier", "Accreditor", "Confirmer"... these come from the original producer of the credential)    

Qrew Qube (kroo-kyoob) noun -1: a magical cube that contains everything that the Account Administrator wants to display about an entire Crew!  Making your already dynamic QR-Codes addressable and super accessible!

QRedential (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl) noun -1: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a Member's qualities, skills, and experience indicating verification and renewal status of each credential  2: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a document which shows that a person is qualified to do a particular job  3: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of something that gives a title to credit or confidence  4: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of one's qualification  5: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a testimonial or certified document showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power 6: An easy view of a Member's entire profile, including all credentials serviced by QRedentials and produced using the QRL patented process.

QRedentialed (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl'd) adjective -the successful completion of one's Membership Profile within a QRedentials Account.

QRedentialee (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ē\) noun -1: The individual person who has completed the QRegistration process and obtained their own, personal QRedentials.  2: The Account Administrator who inputs all Members for their Account.

QRedentialeze (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ēz\) noun -1: This list of proper pronunciations and definitions. verb -1: the act of properly speaking these pronunciations and translating the definitions into QREDENTIALS speak.

QRedentialier (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ear) noun -1: any of the friendly, talented, wonderful human beings working to provide the world with QREDENTIALS! 2: The Credentials Professional who stands eager to assist in making Your QREDENTIALS experience awesome!

QRedentials (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəlz) noun -1: the name of the leading credential data analysis and management service in the world (Used all in capital letters when used as the proper noun referring to the Trademarked name of this business or in the website name; otherwise just the Q and the R are capitalized.)   2: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of more than just one QRedential (plural; "My Customer is happiest when he can scan our QRedentials!").  

QRedentialize (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəlīz) verb -1: the act of becoming QRedentialed.

QRegister (kwer-'jə-stər)  verb -1: QREDENTIALS electronic record containing all of the details about you, your credentials and your employer (when appropriate)  2a:  The QREDENTIALS database or system of non-encrypted records  b:  a roster of QRedentialed persons  3: clicking the SUBMIT button on the QRegistration Page during the QRedentialing process (an entry in your QRegistration form, on-line). 

QRegistered (kwer-'jə-stər'd)  noun -1: One that has completed the QRegistration process at www.QREDENTIALS.com and established their own, unique QRedential. 

QRegistration (kwer-jə-ˈstrā-shən)  -1: the act or process of entering information about you, your credentials and your employer into the QRL Form of your selected Business Plan.  QRL (kwer-'əl; sounded quickly, like 'squirrel' (as in distracting the dogs in the movie "UP") noun - stands for QRedentials Resource Locator, used in reference to the storage area of all of one's credentials which have been QRedentialed and are called-on for display by the QR code  assigned to that QRedentialed User.  The QRL is the location of the actual data being serviced by QRedentialiers and the Patented, QREDENTIALS, credentials-management services.  Most QRedentialeze newbies just use the letters Q-R-L as in the U-R-L of a web address... 'boring'!  All Business Plans generate a unique "KWERL" for each of your Members.  Each QRL is managed thru one's QRL Control Panel. 

Smart-Binder (smart bind'r) noun, - The "Best Practices" answer to managing large groups of constantly-changing credentials for any size group of Users.  Out with the old standards of carrying and/or photo-copying a multitude of credentials; put each Employee into a QR-Code and present a few per page for that simple, yet professional look... *also see Qrew Qube

TERMINOLOGY: You probably find and need to understand at least some of the following terminology during your tenure with QREDENTIALS. 

Account Administrator  "Admin/User"  This is the manager of the Organization's selected Business Plan allowing for QRegistration of multiple Members, all displaying the same organizational elements established and maintained by the Account Admin.  Each account creates a QRL-Control Panel for this "Administrator" to manage the number of QRLs indicated by the selected Business Plan.
Member User  "Member/User" These are the Members subscribed by the Organization's Account Administrator.  They will receive an email explaining that they are a Member of their Organization's QRedentials Account and are encouraged to monitor the information as it is uploaded.  Access to their Account may be offered by the Admin/User.

QRedentilier "QR/User" is the Admin/User's main contact for negotiating the best experience from their QRedentials Account.  A personal Account Manager.

Corroborator "Provider/User" These are the professional training companies who produce accredited credentials when a Member/User succeeds in completing the required testing of that training!

Original Membership Plans:

Legacy Membership "2015 LAUNCH (v1.0)"  This limited-time opportunity provided an amazing value as each User got complete access to every functioning element of this service during early development and fine-tuning!  Legacy Members received phenomenal savings, exciting opportunities to added value, unique up-grade options, as well as access to all Membership Levels and Types until our soft launch in January 2016 (v2.0)."

Black Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby Memberships  The Membership Levels seen in v2.0 are Ruby, Emerald, and Black Diamond. Ruby and Emerald Memberships are no longer used.  Effective on July 1, 2018 the Memberships established at those levels were immediately upgraded to Black Diamond.  This sparkling leader and, top-tier service includes all of the services available from QRedentials 2.0, including storage, display, verification, renewal status, and opportunities for renewals. 

2019 Membership Plan  With the launch of v3.0 the entire structure of this Service will be improved, including but not limited to, An entirely redefined Membership program...  Effective January 1, 2019 all new Members added will receive 50% off of the price shown for Black Diamond Membership AND as we transition into v3.0, each will receive free access for their Organization Account, paying only minimal cost for dynamic codes and controlled members...

CREDENTIAL TYPES: (When uploading your credentials, you enter a simple name for each credential, then your Control Panel allows you to indicate the "Type" for each.  Do your best to fit each credential into one of these categories (note that each level is displayed in order listed) Don't worry about getting it wrong; you can change and modify at any time from your Control Panel. 

EH&S Credentials  Displayed first in your QRedentials scan, these are Safety credentials from any Provider that are directly related to Environmental, Health and/or Safety.  These are commonly a certificate, card or other documentation, indicating completion of safety training, OSHA compliance study, environmental impact knowledge, industry/union/contractor demands, and the like.  These credentials are Verified as legitimate by the original Producer (given preferential treatment and the QREDENTIALS interactive-management work-over!) 

Trade Credentials  Often get confused as EH&S, but are more specifically, the credentials that are demanded or required to satisfy someone of your achievements and credibility within a given industry or trade.  (Ie. trade members, union cards, contractor licenses, trade school training or study,...)  Because many industries are requiring numerous, and often rigorous, Trade credentials, your QRedentialiers will also give these credentials preferential treatment and assure Verification!

Merit Credentials/Membership Credentials  Unlike the more important types of credentials, these two categories are NOT verified, certified, plagiarized, or even scrutinized!  Both Merit and Membership credentials are those meritorious service awards, Membership Cards, Certificates of Appreciation, Recognition, Access Cards, Airlines Rewards, travel points, REI Membership, any other points/tracking system cards...   Actually, these "types" of credentials may not even be credentials, but who cares!?  Maybe you collect and share, pictures, fun-facts...  QREDENTIALS is not going to judge whatever you upload into these categories, so go for it.